Hans Tischler

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A very personal style

“From Pforzheim, Hans Tischler brought home something else besides his master craftsman’s certificate: his unmistakable style. “During the apprenticeship, we also had to do practical exercises. My colleagues, almost all of them jewellers’ sons, used gold for that. I couldn’t afford it and used silver. But that looked poor and dull. So, now and then, I allowed myself a piece of gold to bring some warmth into my work.” The combination of the two precious metals proved successful, and Hans Tischler still forges his pieces from gold and silver to this day. 

Each piece of jewellery is unique

“Each piece is unique,” he emphasises. “Self-designed and handmade.” And it shows. Artist Tischler gets his inspiration from everywhere: his mood or a historical event (the earthquake in Mexico or the death of the Italian politician Aldo Moro, for example) serve as his muse. Often it is even the shape of the chosen stone that tempts him to create something special. “Sometimes I just want to shock people with a piece, sometimes I try to reflect the personality of the customer in the jewellery,” the master explains. Reluctantly, Hans Tischler submits to customers’ orders. He prefers to follow his emotions. What emerges is certainly worth a price, and what a price. Hans Tischler has already been honoured for his work with the prestigious Benvenuto Cellini Prize. In Munich, he received the Bavarian National Prize for his goldsmith’s work.”

(by Maria Cristina De Paoli, Dolomiten special issue no.16, December 1991)

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