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For many years master goldsmith Konrad Laimer designed and manufactured fine jewelry and special objects in his jewelry workshop in Naturno. In addition he supervised national and international arts and crafts projects, he was represented with his collections in New York, Kyoto, Moscow, Milan and delighted a vaste public with his unique creations. 

Konrad Laimer

Hans Tischler opened his store in the Leonardo da Vinci Street (former Postgasse) on april 3rd, 1971, and since then it is impossible to imagine the jewelry scene in Merano without it. Together with Toni Frühauf, Walter Erckert and Willy Wiemann he is one of the great jewelry artists that Merano has produced. The very personal signature in his pieces of jewelry make them unmistakable classics of the Merano goldsmith’s art.

Nothing lasts forever – without change. Konrad Laimer gave up his jewelry workshop “Posthaus” in Naturno in spring and is now launching a new project in Merano. Together with the young goldsmiths Martin Messavilla and Sofia Stecher, the new “Posthaus” moved into Hans Tischler’s premises in the heart of Merano’s old town. Hans Tischler will continue to work in his workshop, his pieces will be available in the shop. The new “Posthaus” sees itself on one hand as a continuing act of two unique, local jewelry artists. On the other hand new things are to be created from this synergy with young goldsmiths. The new “Posthaus” strives to polish up proven designs, provide them with fresh impulses and create new things – always with the aim of adorning people with beautiful pieces!

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